We embrace high ethical standards and expect each and every Registered Representative associated with our firm to conduct business in this manner. We adhere to a philosophy that in dealing with the public we must place their interest first and foremost.


Private Client Services, LLC is a totally independent privately owned broker/dealer. We have no proprietary products or any potential conflicts of interest that may result by being owned by a parent investment or insurance company.


Registered Reps stand ready to represent the interest of their clients and have no quotas, potential conflicts from proprietary products or year-end bonus arrangements which are sometimes associated with other firms in the investment business.


Our firm has a history of attracting investment professionals who are experienced and tenured in our industry. Our Registered Representatives are independent business owners themselves and are knowledgeable about running and operating a successful business.

Private Client Services cares about you.
One reason financial advisors choose to register with our firm, in addition to the ability to provide you access to a wide variety of investment products and services, is our commitment to making your experience with our firm a pleasant one. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship that will last for years to come. A securities firm should make life easier and fulfill a multitude of responsibilities to its customers. We want to do just that.

Private Client Services has a history of treating our customers in an old fashioned way. We believe friendly courteous service should be the standard and we want you to be pleased with our firm and your investment professional. We invite you to take advantage of our traditional southern way of doing business with a professional, technology driven firm.

We believe you will enjoy a relationship with an experienced investment professional, a large array of products and services, SEC registered investment advisory platform for fee based planning and asset management, an industry leading and highly respected clearing firm (Pershing, LLC), home office service and support, technology, competitive fees and commission and even direct access to upper management if you're ever in need.

With the ever increasingly complex financial world we live in today, an extremely complicated tax code, the uncertainty of future tax policy, coupled with longer life expectancies and health care costs, we believe working with an investment professional is more important than ever. One of the most important decisions you could possibly ever make may be to seek the advice of a trusted and qualified financial advisor.

In today's environment, certain people need a trained professional who may be in a position to help supply ideas on ways to define your financial goals, help you develop an agreeable financial plan, recommend possible strategies that may help along the way. Also to offer aid with the task of helping you monitor your investments in an attempt to help you try to stay on track with your goals and aspirations.

At Private Client Services, we understand the integral role a financial advisor can have in helping an individual or business with their financial matters. We provide our financial advisors with a wide assortment of tools to help you monitor these goals and objectives. When you choose an advisor affiliated with PCS, we believe you can be confident that that advisor will have access to independent research, technology, and have the back office support that allows them to devote attention to your needs and objectives.
What are the advantages of using a Registered Representative of Private Client Services, LLC?

The financial advisors affiliated with us are independent financial advisors and a great resource for recommendations on all types of financial situations that may or may not be of help to you depending on your specific circumstances. Sometimes these circumstances may come about when you need them the most.

Our advisors are experienced financial professionals. They generally have many years of financial services industry experience when they join the PCS family. We conduct a background check before we register an advisor and we provide ongoing oversight and supervision of that individual's activity. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We believe a Private Client Services financial professional can assist you in many ways:

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